Elem C&I
The Elementary Curriculum & Instruction Division provides meaningful curriculum, instruction and assessments with rigorous learning opportunities to improve the achievement of each student while meeting their individual needs and aspirations of becoming life-long learners.
The Language Arts and Reading curriculum and instruction provides all students with the foundation necessary to become successful in all academic areas by implementing a Balanced Literacy approach which includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking with meaningful literature-enriched contexts.
The Mathematics curriculum and instruction provides all students with engaging hands-on learning experiences assessed through a variety of methods.  These experiences bridge the concrete and abstract concepts by applying critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies in meaningful and relevant situations.
The Science curriculum and instruction provides all students with an inquiry-based, experiential approach as learners make meaning by observing, questioning, investigating, measuring, experimenting, analyzing, and thinking critically about the world around them. 
Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum and instruction provides students with an integrated curriculum which increases students' understanding of their role as a citizen in the community, state, nation, and world while encouraging them to reflect about the past to connect to the present in order to solve recurring and future problems.
All academic core subject curriculums are aligned with the TEKS/ELPS and include introductory lessons based on the Readiness TEKS.

We encourage:
  • differentiated instruction
  • hands-on learning
  • small group instruction
  • rigorous TEKS-based instruction
  • conceptual based learning
  • cooperative learning
  • individualized instruction centers
  • active participation
  • problem-solving

Our department supports any of the above areas by providing:
  • curriculum development/writing
  • assessment development/writing
  • staff development
  • model-teaching
  • co-teaching/team-teaching
  • grade-level/subject academies
  • walk-throughs
  • team meetings
  • subject level meetings
  • literature/book studies
  • program facilitation
  • mentoring
  • grant guidance
  • much, much more!
Furthermore, we encourage school/community partnerships and family participation in the education of each child.
Elementary Curriculum & Instruction Contacts:
Heather Gilpin
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
Alexandria Wilkerson
District Math Instructional Coach
Amanda Montemayor
District Literacy/Dual Language Instructional Coach 
Amber Logan
District Reading/Writing Instructional Coach
Chantal Carreon
District Literacy/Dual Language Instructional Coach
Christy Irvin
District Science Instructional Coach
Karlyn Hearne
District Math Instructional Coach