Community Youth Services
A Program of
Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults
and the School Districts of Harris County
Together make
"An Effective Partnership"
Channelview ISD CYS Workers: Monica Campbell, Beatrize Perales
Office: 281.457.7355
CYS is a unique community based crisis counseling and intervention service for youth and their families in Harris County. The major focus of CYS has been with secondary school age students but elementary students can also be accepted in most districts.
      Basically CYS:
  • provides crisis counseling - immediate, voluntary, free, and easily accessible on-the-spot counseling.
  • makes home visits to insure service is obtainable to the family.
  • is an information and referral service - The CYS worker must be thoroughly familiar with the practices and personnel of community agencies and be able to obtain their services for the family.
  • assists with runaways through crisis counseling, referral, and voluntary shelter placement when necessary.
  • assists families in arranging long term, voluntary placement when other alternatives have failed.
  • works with hard-core truants to determine the cause and networks with resources to correct the problem.
  • is the liaison person between the School, Probation Department and Children's Protective Services. They can interpret policies and procedures and help cut red tape.
  • organizes the services of the community through meetings.
  • contracts for on-going treatment, psychological testing, and host family placement, which are free to CYS clients.