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Here you will find information about P.E. requirements, upcoming events, general information, and healthy tips!
Each year at the begining of the year look out for the H.B.E. P.E. Parent Note featuring Conference Time, P.E. Requirements, Dates to Remember, etc. 
                  -Jump Rope for Heart Campaign - October 29th - November 21st
-Western Night - February 25th
-Healthy Family Night - April 14th
          -Field Day - May 24th
Newest News!!!
 Announcing Harvey Brown’s 1st Ever

What Moves You Family Dance Contest!


This is a dance contest to see what kind of moves you and your family have got on the dance floor!

Contest Rules (Date To Be Announced):

  • A video submission will be required.
  • You must choose from the following songs options to dance to to for your video submission:          Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silento, Conga by Gloria Estefan, OR Shake it Off by Taylor Swift
  • For this family contest students that enter the contest must dance with someone from their family/household.
  • Submit only 1 video submission to Lakeisha.Leblanc@cvisd.org . 
  • Selected videos will be posted to the school website.

Winners will be given a What Moves You Fun Pack with items that will be sure to keep you moving and having fun!

So FAMILIES get ready to BUST A MOVE!!! 
H.B.E. P.E. Healthy U Healthy Me Monthly Tip - Challenge yourself to work in at least one beneficial change to your daily routine this month.
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 Great things about H.B.E. P.E....
Coach Griffin, Coach Everett and the rest of the District's Elementary P.E. teachers would like to thank the CISD Education Foundation!!! 
CISD Education Foundation awarded Coach Griffin a $2,000 grant for the "Healthy All Around"kits  which target various health topics: dental hygiene, germs/hand washing, safety, body systems, and drug awareness.  Each health topic focuses on students learning fun, fact filled information in the form of a game.  With the use of these hands on materials/games our student body will gain a better understanding of health content, while moving and being active.