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Reading and Rhyming with Mama Goose

Mary Springs, also known as Mama Goose, has written a new children's book!  Mama Goose, winner of our Teacher of the Year award last school year, is one of our second grade reading teachers here at DeZavala.  She recently released her new book called "Reading and Rhyming with Mama Goose".  Her book is now available for purchase on Amazon.
From the Back Cover:
How do we help children develop a love for reading? One nursery rhyme at a time. How do we capture the brilliance of their imagination? One picture at a time. Mama Goose grew up with Mother Goose nursery rhymes as a child. The classic style and simplicity of life taught her valuable lessons, as well as a spark for reading. Mama Goose grew up in the United States of America and wanted to share with the world traditions, values, and concepts that are germane to the U.S.A. Mama Goose is not a fictitious character; she is as real as the air we breathe. She’s a potpourri of Mary Poppins, Mother Teresa, and Willie Wonka all rolled into one. Get ready for a magical journey of nursery rhymes that are sure to inspire any child to fall in love with books.