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Way to go Coach Kennington!!!!  Thanks to all the teachers and high school students that helped!! Our Catch Nights were a blast! Check out our family activities.  
Playing Hockey
d and other k  score help me daddy mitziry
a and a  
Ice Skating in the Hall
jp    k and mommy  
Protecting our Penguin Eggs
Sorting through our 5 senses
 j and mommy     Mrs. Iris n and v
Getting Crafty with Ms. White
cypy  tamez j and a  
Jamming with Ms. Ursprung
 kv   l and c
Snowball fight fun
             mm   mm 2
              tm    older kids group
 Shopping at Santa's Workshop
d and v  sm
Cheesing it up in Mrs. Diaz's balloon wreath 
groups teachers in wreath