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The Channelettes attended the Halftime Entertainment Dance Competition

The Channelettes, Channelette Reserves, and the Boys Dance Team, Steady Soulz, attended the Halftime Entertainment Dance Competition that was held at Magnolia High School on February 11th.  All of the teams did an awesome job and definitely made Channelview proud!!!!  
Channelettes received....
Sweepstakes with all 3 dances receiving a 1st division
Championship in lyrical
Championship in hip hop
Outstanding Presentation
Outstanding Choreography
Outstanding Showmanship
Overall 2nd Runner-up Grand Champion in the Varsity Large Team Division
Channelette Officers, Karla Gonzalez and Melissa Mora, received....
Sweepstakes with all 3 dances receiving a 1st division
Championship in jazz
Outstanding Presentation
Social Officers, Kaelyn Berry, Kaylinn Cortez, and Katie O'Brien, received a 1st Division for their performance.
Reserves received...
Championship in Pom in the Jr Varsity Team Division
Outstanding Presentation
The Boys Dance Team...Steady Soulz received...
Super Sweepstakes-score of 90 & above
Championship in Prop/Novelty
Championship in Break Dance
Outstanding Choreography
Outstanding Showmanship
Outstanding Technique
Outstanding Entertainment 
Channeltte Duets receiving a 1st Division were....
Kaelyn Berry and Karla Gonzalez
Alexa Pereznegron and DesiRay Cardenas
Kaylinn Cortez and Edgar Cruz
Janeth Pallares and Jennifer Trevizo received a 1st Division but also received 1st place in the 9th-10th Grade Division
Channelette Trios receiving a 1st Division were...
Kiara Owens, Courtney Walker, and Judith Walla who also received a 1st place in the 9th-10th Grade Division
Natalie Gomez, Melissa Mora, and Hannah Torres who also received a 1st place in the 11th-12th Grade Division
The following Channelette soloist received a 1st Division...
Nadine Barrios
Monserrat Bernal
Kaelyn Berry
Yesenia Garcia 
Natalie Gomez
Karla Gonzalez 
Hilary Hutchins 
Melissa Mora 
Katie O'Brien
Hannah Torres
Pink Boys Green
Names for picture 891 (Cettes in pink) are:
1st Row:
Danelle Garcia, Yahaira Flores, Kaylinn Cortez, Melissa Mora, Karla Gonzalez, Katie O'Brien, Natalie Gomez, Lesley Cortez, Alexa Pereznegron, Jacqueline Escobedo
2nd Row:
Ashley Thomas, Alize' Carrizales, DesiRay Cardenas, Raven Thomas, Danika Ack, Oret Dominguez, Courtney Walker, Kaelyn Berry, Monserrat Bernal, Hilary Hutchins, Berenice Gonzalez, Hannah Torres, Nytisha Williams, Nadine Barrios, Jennifer Trevizo, Yesenia Garcia, Janeth Pallares
3rd Row:
Dejah DeCuier, Ciara Booker, Katlyn Chapa, Kiara Owens, Judith Walla, Marisa Garza, Alexandra Romero
Names for picture 909 (Boys-Steady Soulz) are:
1st Row:
Alex Zamora, Jose' Zamora, Erick Escobar, Ivan Garcia, Jose' Rodriguez
2nd Row:
Jeremiah Clark, Edgar Cruz, Bryant Delgado, Roberto Bautista
3rd Row:
Francisco Muniz and Angel DelaGarza
Names for picture 905 (Reserves in green) are:
1st Row:
Sarah Martinez, Makayla Williams, Dastasia Gallien, Reagan Pledger, Jasmine Hernandez
2nd Row:
India DeCuier, Britney Vargas, Karime Gonzalez, Emely Narvaez, Samantha Estrada
3rd Row:
Zyah Jones, Evelyn Rico, Jessica Estrada, Erikka Charles, Noemi Sanchez, Kayla Martinez