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Good Morning Falcons! Today is

Wednesday,February 15,2017

 I Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. 

Honor the Texas Flag, I pledge allegiance to thee, TEXAS, one state under God, One and indivisible


Congratulations to the 2017 Talent show winners!!!...


3rd Place Tie


Kira Gonzalez


Taya Taylor


2nd Place

Boys Dance


1st Place

Juan Faz!!!!!

​Thank you to everyone who participated ​
​this has been one of the best talent shows we have ever had!! Special shout out to Mr. Phillip and Mr. Michaud for supervising!!​

Students:  Did you know that we have our very own San Jac advisor right here on campus?  
Her name is Ms. Washington and she is located in the counseling department.

Ms. Washington is available every Monday and Tuesday to assist you with your San Jac needs.  If you would like for Ms.Washington to call you in please stop by the counseling department with a pass and make an appointment

Students don't forget to complete your first semester Make Up Hours or you will lose credit for the class or classes you had too many absences in.
First Semester hours are due next Friday on the 24th.  If you are unsure if you owe hours please see Mrs. Montoya in the front office.
Today's Lunch Menu's

Skillet Tamatada

Oven Fried Chicken


Steak Finger Bites

Fireblock Grill & Red Hot Chicken

Spicy Chicken on a Bun


Double Decker Burger w/Cheese


Beef Lasagna


Spicy Chicken on a Bun

Chinese Food

General TSO Chicken w/Spring Roll

Spicy Chicken on a Bun
Nickel Box
Spicy Chicken on a Bun

Vegetable of the Week

​Mashed Potatoes