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LOTC Patriotic Award

 Trevian D'Wayne Hanner   TDH Patriotic Award

LOTC Patriotic Award

The following criteria steps to receive the award of the Patriotic Eagle Statue.

  • The Cadet must recite the Pledge of Allegiance - Awarded that Patriotic 1 certificate
  • The Cadet must give an oral report 5 minutes or longer, of a battle of any war in American history - Awarded the Patriotic 2 certificate
  • The Cadet must recite in order, the Presidents of the United States - Awarded the Patriotic 3 certificate, and the Gold Wreath with American Flag
  • The Cadet must identify, and write each state and capitol - Awarded the Patriotic 4 certificate, and the Liberty Bell medal
  • The Cadet must recite the preamble of the Constitution, and the 10 Amendments - Awarded the Patriotic 5 certificate, the Statue of Liberty medal, the Patriotic Ribbon, and the Patriotic Eagle Statue.

CSM Steven G. Dunbar
LCPL Anthony Aguirre Jr. High